Creative, Tangible Marketing Solutions


I’m Kim Lieb, an ENERGIZED marketing strategist who LOVES helping companies cultivate and share their unique stories with the press, online and in their communities; so they may leave a positive footprint on the world. From traditional marketing and public relations to social media and web design, I bring 20 years of marketing experience to help you ignite the momentum needed to thrive in today’s complex marketing landscape. I offer a personal touch and hands-on expertise to help create an authentic connection between your brand and its customers. Together, we can create effective sales and marketing solutions that are inclusive, authentic and most of all, tangible.


4 reasons why we should work together!

You are: A B2B/B2C in need of low cost + high return tailored services using an H2H (human-to-human) approach.
You are: Ready to bring the fun and flow so your company can grow!
You are: A company fueled by a passion to solve a problem.
You are: Receptive to new ideas. Bringing in someone with experience in branding, marketing and creative thinking can provide new solutions to old problems.